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Top Things to Consider When Starting A Construction Company


So, you’ve chosen to further your career with a construction start-up. With a growth of around 2% per annum in New Zealand, the construction industry has been steadily booming and you’ll be catering to a much-needed skill set. So, it’s a great move, undoubtedly, but do not expect it to be the easiest of ventures. Here are some basic principles to keep in mind once you start your journey.


Insurance will be your dear friend when it comes to stolen or lost goods, injuries that happen on site etc., of which you will find will occur at some point or the other. The trick is to find comprehensive insurance to cover you of as much as possible but doesn’t forget to read the fine print so you know exactly what it entails and where your money is going.


Not investing in quality staff is the worst mistake you can make as it directly affects the quality of your work and your reputation in one go. So, dole out that money for high salaries and attract the type of people you want to work with.


Starting a construction company will still end up like any other if you don’t adapt to the latest trends and innovations. These technologies are created to make your life easier. For example, check out Buildxact, a convenient estimating software ready to make life easier for all builders under your employment.

The Environment

In modern times, you simply won’t take flight if you can’t be environmentally conscious. People have their eye on companies with an environmental impact (construction companies are at the top of the list). So, make sure you get your waste sorted out and recycled. Get your products from good sources and practice eco-friendly techniques.

Side Projects

As a start-up, you’ll find many subtle (or even not so subtle) pleas for small projects to be undertaken for friends, family and relatives. They’ll expect you to ask for a reduced fee and cash In hand and maybe you won’t have too many qualms about that but unfortunately, even when having projects like this on the side, they need to go through the standard procedure (no cash in hand). Also make sure you know when to draw the line with your favours. Plenty of people will try to take advantage of you and perhaps the toughest part of a start-up is knowing when to say no to these side projects.


Constantly marketing your work needs to be a top priority. As a start-up, your work won’t be rather predictable. It may start to dry up, just as you begin to hit your stride. This is where your constant marketing will come in handy. Make use of social media to highlight your workers’ stories and how you make a positive environmental impact. It will be a guaranteed winner with the public.

It won’t be a walk in the park but keep these tips in mind along the way and add in plenty of commitment- your company will be a guaranteed success!

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