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Time Saving Lawn Care Tips for Suburbanites


Want a lovely lawn but don’t have much time to take care of it? That’s a common problem for many Aussie suburbanites. Here are several useful tips that would help you minimize lawn care time without harming the plants:

Outsource the Labour When You Are Too Busy

Let’s face it; most of us workers don’t have time to mow the lawn every morning or pull weeds in the evenings. Even on some weekends you might be too tired to undertake lawn care. However, regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your garden and lawn is healthy and thriving. When you don’t have time, consider hiring a local business to do the job for you.

It’s better than letting your garden grow weedy and messy just because you are too busy. Local service providers, like Jim’s Mowing Melbourne North West, can perform all the essential maintenance tasks and might even undertake odd clean-up jobs. Costs are usually low when you hire locally.

Use Native Grass Varieties

Kentucky blue grass may give your garden a fancy brand name to brag about. But when it comes to care and maintenance, foreign grass varieties suck up your time and money. To save up on both, consider planting a native Australian grass type. There are many to consider, such as Australian red grass, Griffin weeping grass, and Oxley wallaby grass.

Native plant varieties like the ones mention above require minimal care. They practically grow on their own, as the grass has evolved to survive in the Australian climate. These types of grass tend to be heat tolerant as well, which is a departure from some foreign varieties. If you want an overall low maintenance lawn, planting local grass seeds would be the best step forward.

Don’t Forget Aeration

Even the keenest lawn carers can overlook aeration. This method creates tiny holes in the soil so that water, nutrients and air can better reach the roots of the planted grass. The result is a lush lawn with healthier plants. Strong grass is less likely to wilt or cause brown patches that require a lot of time to fix.

Aeration can take time but it’s enough to perform this task once a year, but you can enjoy the benefits of aeration for years to come.

Install an Automated Sprinkling System

Don’t want to spend extra time each morning just watering the lawn? Install a sprinkler system with automatic functions. You can save lots of time with such a simple solution.

Automated sprinkler systems are quite cost-effective. These shouldn’t cost you a lot. In any case, the money will be well spent considering all the time you will save, especially during the hotter days.

Prevent Weeds Naturally

It’s not advisable to use harsh chemical weedicides as these can cause widespread harm to the rest of your garden, especially to bird life. But there are plenty of natural ways to prevent weeds that will save you time having to pull stray plants out of your lawn.

Use mulching that not only helps grass grow, but also prevents weeds. Also, a lawn fabric helps greatly too. You can also use gentler chemicals like salt and vinegar. But beware when using these, as it changes the pH level of the soil that might adversely affect the grass.

You can have a nice lawn even if you don’t have much time to take care of it. Use the above suggestions to maintain a lush lawn even if you are busy all week.

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