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How To Stick To Your Home Maintenance Checklist


Having a new home is a rewarding milestone to accomplish. However, after all the hassle and bustle of building a new home, you might find yourself free at long last. Well, hate to break it to you, dear, but you are so wrong. In fact, this is where it will all begin. Perhaps the phase of the “constructing” new home has been completed, but a new phase enters the scene – maintenance. Yes, you read that right. You still have to work and shell out money for your maintenance expenses which are, of course, on top of your daily expenses. So to keep you abreast of the home maintenance stuff that you need to work on, just read on.

Kitchen Sink Disposal

One of the dirt-prone areas in your house is your kitchen. Although some opt to request for the assistance of a third-party provider, some also choose to just fix it by their selves. After all, a home DIY won’t really hurt as long as you know what to do. To be honest, the easiest DIY home solution is through some vinegar ice cubes. You just have to pour some vinegar in an ice tray and then, let it freeze. After which, you can place it through your kitchen sink disposal. The vinegar’s acidic substance not only eliminates the odor but also sharpens the blade.


There shouldn’t be much of a problem with your lawn whenever it’s winter season. However, you have a lot of things to do once the sun starts to peek in. Of course, you wouldn’t want your lawn to look awful. While it’s summer, you can also use this as an opportunity to enjoy your warm surroundings so buckle up and clean up your lawn. If you find it hard to do so, you can request the assistance of Jims Mowing to help you in your home maintenance.


Whether it’s summer or winter, your home HVAC system must be always ready for it. To ensure that your HVAC system is properly functioning, you can have it checked and serviced for maintenance purposes. Actually, its preventive maintenance must be conducted all-year round so you won’t have any difficulty once it suddenly breaks. You should prevent these moments by proactively scheduling your HVAC maintenance beforehand.


Make you sure that thing on your head is fully functional in a sense that it does not have any leaks or damage. Remember, you wouldn’t want to have any snow or water leaking into your house in the midst of a winter season or a stormy night. Be brave enough to climb to your roof and to check any damages. If you happen to find one, you can use a sealant to prevent it from leaking. However, if a sealant just won’t do, you might have to contact a professional to aid you in repairing your roof.

To have a home is both a blessing and a responsibility. Although it’s such a joy to see that you have something that you can call your ‘home’, there are some maintenance duties that you should work on. Take note of the items listed and you’ll never go weary when it comes to home maintenance.

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