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How To Choose Your Roofing Tiles


It is important to ensure that your roofing is done right. It has to meet the design components of the building and will also need to meet all the standard requirements that any home or building should meet. The decisions that you make about the tiling that is used on your property will also affect a number of other decisions that are really important but with so much variety to choose from, selecting the right one can be a little challenging. Here are some of the most common varieties of tiles in use today on roofs that you can choose from.

Clay Roof Tiles

If you have got your eye on the property market you should think about going for the clay tile when it comes to roofing as it will add value to your home. It brings in that factor of old world charm and aesthetic appeal that you cannot argue about and can create a traditional Mediterranean look with any of its different shapes, styles, and colours. Look for professionals in roof tiling Melbourne to find out if this is the right choice for you and get help on installation. When it comes to maintenance the amount of maintenance that you need to invest in is low but these tiles are brittle and are often prone to breaking easily. They are eco-friendly due to the natural manufacturing materials and they are ideal for use on high to moderate slope roofs. However, they may be slightly on the more expensive side on the purchasing scale.

Concrete Roof Tiles

The biggest advantage of concrete tiles is that they are highly durable against the elements and still can provide you with the aesthetic appeal of the clay and slate tile. They are one of the most popular options in the market and are also very cost effective due to the fact that they are very high performance. This is a great purchasing decision to make that covers looks, durability and cost, but you also need to make sure that your roof structure has the integrity and strength to hold up the extra weight that comes with the concrete tile. Reinforced framing will be needed in many cases for this purpose and they can be used on moderate to steeply sloped roofs. They will also be fire resistant.

Interlocking Roof Tiles

These single lap interlocking tiles can come in flat, profiled, granular and smooth varieties and offer one of the easiest and fastest installations when it comes to roof tiles. They are easy to use and maintain and they are also very cost effective. Concrete is used mostly in the production of these tiles but you can also see clay and slate being used. If your roof needs a low pitch, this is the best type of tile to go for and they are also recommended to use when you are re-tiling and have a roof pitch that can be as low as 17.5°. You will also save a lot of time installing this variety of tile.

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