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Home Improvements: Enhance the Interiors of Your Home


How often is it that we tend to get bored of walking in to the same old atmosphere at home? There comes a time when the curtains start to look too plain and the walls too boring and this is when you know that it’s time for a change. With the holiday season in full swing and the New Year just around the corner, what better way to welcome the festivities and New Year than transforming your home? Here are a few tips to help you spruce up your home and make it go from “oh so boring!” to “OH WOW”!

Add a Pop of Colour

There is no doubt that the colour palette makes a huge difference when it comes to designing the interior of your home. You cannot stick to the same old beige and brown shades and expect the house to look completely different. So start off by painting the walls a different colour and adding one wall with either a stencil pattern or make it a shade darker to make it pop. Apart from this, you can even change the curtains to complement the new walls. This tiny change will definitely go a long way into making your home look almost brand new.


There is nothing more precious than decorating your home with something that you created with your own hands. Store bought ornaments are nice but they fail to add that charm and warmth factor that something you created would bring. So try adding bits and pieces around the house that you managed to create. It could be as simple as some cushions that you stitched or a frame that you painted or a tiny book corner that you decorated. These additions will definitely add a touch of your soul to your home.

Play With Patterns

Apart from adding a pop of colour, you can always add in new patterns to change the appearance of the house. From adding different tiles to adding cushions with different patterns designed on them to even painting one specific wall with a stencil or mosaic pattern to give the entire place a different look. Search online for Mosaic tile supplies Melbourne or in your city and you will find a number of suppliers who offer various tile designs that will definitely make you want to transform your house immediately.

Focus On the Lighting

Sometimes, all you need is a change in the lighting scene to transform the place completely. Try moving the furniture around and change the arrangement in such a way that it allows maximum light to enter each room. This way, the rooms will look bigger and brighter too. You can even change the lights by adding warm lights to change the appearance of the room and complement the new wall colour.

With these tips in hand, you will surely manage to bring about a remarkable change within your home and bid adieu to the boring old place that you used to live in and transform it into a completely new, trendy place that serves as a breath of fresh air! So get going and start working on the transformation.

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