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Cool Kids’ Room Ideas – How to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom


Designing and decorating a children’s room can be a challenging task. Not only they need space to grow and play but the room also need to be able to change as they grow. Most of the times children’s’ room décor is difficult because they quickly outgrow the theme you have selected when they were younger. To avoid these challenges, take a look at the tips given below on decorating children’s rooms.

Ask Your Children

Allow your children to have a say in decorating their own rooms. Ask them for the colours they want on their walls, the type if decoration they like to hang. This will allow them to express their creativity and have their own personalized room. When you are shopping for furniture and other items for the room, taking your kid with you might help too. This will allow the kids to have a room of their own that they love and will encourage them to keep it organized and clean. When you are building shelves and racks, make sure to build them according to the child’s height so they can easily reach them.

Purchase Flexible Furniture

As a young child, they might like a car shaped bed. Or you might purchase it thinking they will love it. But will they like it as they grow up? Will they be able to sleep in it as they grow? While it is ok to stick to a theme they prefer when decorating, going overboard with the decoration will also be a problem. If they do not like it anymore or if they outgrow the bed, you have to remove it and a buy new one for them which will be a waste of money and the furniture. Keeping it simple and flexible will help you to steer away from pieces that are unnecessary.

Make Sure to Have Enough Space

Letting them enough space is one if the main things to consider when decorating a children’s room. They will need floor space to play with their toys, build their make-believe castle or blanket fortress or just relax and read. Therefore, try not to clutter the room with too much furniture. If it is small room, you can try to save space by choosing built-in-closets or kids bunk beds with storage. These types of furniture take only a small space and can be used for multiple tasks.

Use Removable Wall Decoration

It is ok to decorate the wall with wall hangers and stickers from their favourite cartoon or story. Or even decorations such as flowers or glow-in-the-dark stars on walls are some of the favourite decorations for young kids. But as they grow up to teens they might want to change these into posters from their favourite sports team or music band. So, when choosing decorations, opting for removable ones will help you to keep away from ruining the walls too much. This will allow the children to change and personalize their rooms as they grow up.

While you will have to make the final choices when purchasing furniture or decorations, it is important to remember that the room is not for you but your children. Make sure all the decorations, furniture and other items are placed in a manner where they can be used by your children and can be changed with their age.

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