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5 Ways to Stylishly Decorate a Small Living Space


When living in a small living space, you don’t have to feel cluttered all the time. A small space can be chic and efficient simultaneously but it all depends on how well you arrange your room. There are quite a few hacks homeowners often utilize when it comes to small spaces but the main thing you need to aim for is the illusion of space. Here are some tips to keep in mind when doing up your interior:


There’s only one thing to do when choosing furniture for a small space- float it. Pull it out from against the wall because this is the fastest way to have the place looking roomier. If the set tends to brush up against the sides of the room or behind, then you know that your furniture is too big for the space. By floating your furniture and creating a sort of island, you create a sense of expansiveness.


The colour you choose to paint your walls will have the greatest impact on the illusion of space. The best colours in your arsenal would be neutral shades, light greys, white or even a richer blue/green. These are colours that have proven to be great fits for small spaces but don’t shy away from going bold in your colour scheme.


Having a good amount of light is incredibly important when it comes to small spaces but so are your window treatment options. If you want to add a bit of a stylish flair to the room while also gaining access to plenty of light, you should definitely give Blinds City roman blinds a shot. These blinds aren’t as hefty as curtains are and will therefore take up far less space as well. Adding a mirror (perhaps circular in shape) is also a pretty common trick used to play around with light in the room.

The rug

People often think that since their room is small, they should get a small rug to match. The rule of thumb is that your rug should always be larger than your furniture and this rule still applies to small spaces! A small rug just makes the entire room look disproportionate so make sure your rug is big enough to have a good peek over the edges of your furniture set.


Small spaces have a tendency to get stuffy. Combat this by introducing just a few small, potted plants into your home. If you’re low on space, you can even set them up on a side table but the best place to position them is in corners or behind chairs as they tend to soften the space- not to mention instantaneously make your room feel fresher. Remembering to maintain them would be the only problem but you could always opt for plants like succulents which need minimal attention.

In just 5 steps you can instantly uplift your space. Just remember not to clutter your table tops with too many personal items but rather keep ornamentals very minimal. We guarantee that your living space will turn out to be chic and comfy too!

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